Isabel Goldsmith Patiño Gallery

The Isabel Goldsmith Patiño Gallery (formerly the Green Gallery) is the largest gallery space in Watts Gallery and was built shortly after the death of Watts to provide space for thirty-two additional paintings. Today this gallery is decorated in its original green with a contemporary lantern reminiscent of the one that was built in 1905 but allowing more lighting control to showcase Watts's masterpieces at their best.

The gallery was generously funded by Isabel Goldsmith Patiño. Ms Goldsmith-Patiño donated this gallery space in tribute to the memory of her mother, Isabel Patiño (1935-1954), who passed away too soon.

'Isabel Goldsmith has been an inspiration to the Watts Gallery Hope Restoration appeal. Her lead gift gave courage to others and has resulted in a glorious experience for visitors. We thank Isabel Goldsmith from the bottom of our hearts, as she has helped to ensure that Watts Gallery survives for another hundred years.' — Richard Ormond, Chairman of Watts Gallery Trust

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Arts & Crafts Walking Tour

28 Jun

Conservation Open Studio

29 Jun

Philanthropy: A Call to Alms

29 Jun

Curator Picture Talk

30 Jun

The Make Space

2 Jul

Guided Tours of Limnerslease

2 Jul

Pottery Open Studio

2 Jul

Forest School

3 Jul

Conservation Open Studio

6 Jul