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Last picture removed from the Gallery

Posted 29th November 2008
Watts Contemporary Gallery


We saw the last picture removed from the Gallery last week - The Guelphs and Ghibelines - a moth flew up as we removed the huge canvas from the wall, perhaps a sign that we should bring renewed life back in to the Gallery. We said farewell to Echo, a Watts painting on loan to the Gallery from Tate. This was returning to Tate store. The building, built as the only purpose built art gallery for a single professional artist's collection, now deprived of paintings looks empty and sad.

The two monumental sculptures of Tennyson and Physical Energy are the last to go as their stable is being prepared for their long hibernation during the restoration period. It will be a moment to behold when Physical Energy once again rolls out through the sculpture doors, the first time in over fifty years, to its new home. There is a bitter sweet feeling during this time, and a strong cherished hope that the Gallery will return to its former glory and all our visitors, friends, donors and neighbours will think this great Hope journey has been worth it. Singing carols with over 100 Friends on Thursday evening was a wonderful reminder of the support that the Gallery continues to enjoy.