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Launch of Watts in the City programme of exhibitions, events and publications

Posted 9th December 2008
Watts Contemporary Gallery


This last week has been busy with the launch of Watts in the City programme of exhibitions, events and publications. I am most grateful to Jeremy Hunt MP for supporting our launch at St Paul’s and to Debby Brice who hosted a celebratory reception at the Guildhall Art Gallery where we launched two publications: Postman’s Park by John Price and the reprint of G K Chesterton’s book on Watts kindly reproduced by Robert Dalrymple.

As many people commented, the Watts in the City programme offers an opportunity to see Watts in a new light, quite literally, and to reappraise his work in a different setting. It was also a pleasure to feel the tremendous support from all those who have generously given to the Watts Gallery Hope Appeal and to renew our gratitude to them and hopefully their interest in the project.

Returning to Watts Gallery, there has been a transformation of the site thanks to some hard work carried out by tree surgeons. Suddenly, the Gallery is holding sway over the whole site, rather than being concealed by years of overgrowth. Just today, we have, for the first time in over fifty years, rolled out Physical Energy to take up residence in its temporary accommodation. The model looked so majestic against the blue sky, and the event filled me with trepidation and excitement for the future of Watts Gallery.