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Mary Watts Compton Pottery Jardinière Discovered

Posted 24th April 2014
Watts Contemporary Gallery

A rare Mary Watts Compton Pottery jardinière has been discovered by Francis Pryor and his wife, Maisie Taylor, (both of whom are notable historians and archealogists) in their back garden.

The connection between the jardinière and the Compton Potters Guild was made when Maisie recognised the stamp on the outside of the jardinière as belonging to the Guild. 

The jardinière is 31cm in height and 1 meter diameter. It was illustrated in ‘Book of Garden Ornaments, Liberty of London & Paris’ – thought to be 1902 or 1904, where it is called the ‘Freyia’ design and also in ‘Country Life’ March 1902. It differs from other pots by being made of eight separate panels which are held together by two iron bands.

There is no base, which would allow the roots of the tree or shrub it grow into the ground. It does not appear in later catalogues as perhaps it was impractical or at £10.10.0. too expensive for the time.

You can read Francis Pryor's blog, In the Long Run - Archaeology, rural life and the lessons of history, here.

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