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One re-discovers Watts and marvels at his work

Posted 13th November 2008
Watts Contemporary Gallery

Following the deluge of rain on Monday, the subject of drains in the new refurbishment scheme became a major topic in today's design team meeting. We are hoping to ensure that for the first time in a hundred years, for a site which is on the side of a hill, we will have addressed the issue of water and sewerage! I had not realized how important drains were in my job description!

We have rediscovered some wonderful 60-year old toilets in the apprentice potter washrooms which we shall recycle in our new Education studio. Thinking of protecting heir looms, we shall be covering the small ceramic memorial commissioned by Wilfrid Blunt, to mark the passing of his cat, which lies in the garden!

The test of the lighting in the Gallery on Monday was most productive and the difference between the present arrangement and the future lighting was astonishing. As you will find if you visit the Guildhall Art Gallery to see G F Watts, Victorian Visionary, highlights from the Watts Gallery Collection – in good lighting, one rediscovers Watts and marvels at his work. So there are some upsides to drains!