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Photography of the chapel begins

Posted 14th December 2009
Watts Contemporary Gallery


This week the photography of the chapel began. In order to record all the detail that Mary put into the decoration of it, a scaffolding tower was required. It has been a revelation to get so close to detail that is lost when staring up from the floor of the chapel. In particular the eternal circle, never beginning, never ending, at the apex of the dome was very different to how I had expected. To see the central circle as it is in three dimensions and the decorations around it in relief, was a new experience.

The photographs will be invaluable in a number of different ways in recording the chapel in its present state illuminating the detail we had not seen in its full glory and to provide images for guides to explain the symbols. Mary was very clear in what she meant by most of the symbols, but there is still more to learn and the photographs will be invaluable in this process.

Photographs are taken by Anne Purkiss

(top) the scaffolding in the interior of the chapel
(bottom) a capital representing St John (the eagle)