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Sponsored swim to support Watts Gallery Pottery Apprentice

Posted 23rd June 2011
Watts Contemporary Gallery

Sunday 20 June 2011

Following the Solent swim, Perdita Hunt, Sarah Giles and Leo Hacking, are taking up another challenge on Sunday 26 June to swim across Studland Bay in support of the appointment of a Pottery Apprentice for the Watts Gallery Foyle Art for All Learning Studio. The pottery apprentice would support the Head of Learning working with school groups, special needs groups, families, visitors and young offenders.

The Apprentice, recruited annually from ceramic graduates from the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, will manage the kiln and the pottery process, learn about ceramics, and draw from the inspiration of Mary Watts’s terracotta clay modelling classes and the Watts Chapel, an Arts & Crafts masterpiece.

"This project will bring back the beating heart of skills development to the Watts Gallery Estate, a place of art, craft and learning, where there were pottery apprentices a hundred years ago. Thank you for any help you can provide."

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