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Watts Gallery Pottery and Kiln

Posted 14th May 2012
Watts Contemporary Gallery


Joyce our Apprentice Potter has just sent me a picture of the inside of the Watts Gallery kiln. This is about as close as I'm allowed to get to it as Joyce is the only one skilled enough to load, unload and fire the pottery made through the varied learning programmes happening in the Foyle Art for All Learning Studio.

You can see the Chandler School's angels on the top shelf which were inspired by the angels at the Watts Chapel - these have been drying out for a couple of weeks and are now being fired. Below them are pieces made by Street Level Arts and Surrey Youth Support Services and on the bottom shelf are tiles made by Abbey School who visited Watts Chapel and spent a lot of time investigating the decorative panels on the outside of the building.

Thank you to all our participants for their fantastic work and to Joyce for her expertise!