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World Apart

The Work of Clare Kuznik
Watts Gallery Artist in Residence, 2012-13
5 November - 1 December 2013
The Old Pottery, Watts Gallery Estate

Clare Kuznik uses embroidery and collage to create in-depth and intricate pieces which are ‘concept led, drawing from the visions presented in the Bible within the book of Revelations.’ The idea of revival and resurrection runs throughout her work, using discarded items and materials to create new life on her canvases.

The conceptual themes of loss, time and renewal are central to her work. Kuznik’s art evolves from observational drawings that are morphed into scenes from a dreamlike place. Kuznik is interested in the role of memories within these scenes, that arrive as ‘distorted images’. Inspired by G. F. Watts, she leaves canvases incomplete and open to reworking to keep it alive, and allow it to continue progressing through the imagination.

We regret there is currenty no wheelchair access to this Gallery.