Clare Kuznik commences work as the new Artist in Residence

Posted by Admin on 15 Nov 2012, 7:35 p.m.


15th October - 9th November 2012
My first three weeks as Artist in Residence at the Watts Gallery. Making work from cracked pots.

Around the Watts Gallery I found interesting artefacts that fit in with the concepts I have been working with. Some of the original Compton pottery has been dug up recently, resurfacing in a broken state. It has taken on a new life as I use discarded remnants in my recent paintings. It is as though they have literally been resurrected out of the grave; symbolic of the way we will all be one day. They are broken and damaged, symbolic of our human condition. The theme of using things that have been thrown away and reusing them has been a constant in my work over the last year. I, like John Stezaker, have regularly visited charity shops looking for materials I can use within my work. The work gives value to that which was declared worthless. God sees value in everyone. Stezaker refers to the images he finds in charity shops as orphans; he gives them a home.

My studio is a creative venue where people are welcome to visit.