New Artist in Residence: Dr Jennie Jewitt-Harris

Posted by Admin on 10 Jan 2014, 11:09 a.m.

Dr Jennie Jewitt-Harris, is about to begin her year long position as Watts Gallery's new Artist in Residence. Jennie developed her interest in art while working as a Doctor, Psychologist, and later in the pharmaceutical industry. Throughout her career she became interested in the role of imagery in communicating medicine and science.

She went on to study Art and Design course at UCA and also completed an MA in Fine Art. She was then selected for the cultural Olympiad initiative, which involved photographing and illustrating a London show depicting the stories of the 1908 Olympics.

On being asked about her new role as Watts Gallery Artist in Residence, Jennie commented: ‘I'm so excited about starting the residency. I'm interested in subjects that Watts explored such as time, death and the "human condition" so I really look forward to being inspired by his work, and responding to it with a modern twist! There is so much at the gallery to respond to. The work Mary Watts carried out in developing the chapel is enough on its own to inspire a years work. The prospect of an exhibition at the end of the year in residence is an amazing opportunity that I fully intend to make the most of. I'm looking forward to being immersed in the community at the Watts village, talking to the experts that visit, and enjoying the cake in the cafe!’

The culmination of Dr Jennie Jewitt-Harris residency will be an exhibition in Watts Gallery’s, Old Pottery Gallery next year. The Artist in Residence studio will be available for visitors to drop in and see Jennie at work, from 2- 4pm on the secound Thursday of every month.

Jennie will be continuing to explore the theme of time, through collage, drawing and stereoscopic photography and will also examine how G. F. Watts investigated these subjects. Click here to find out more about Watts Gallery's Artist in Residence scheme.