New Exhibition: The Making of Mary Seton Watts

Posted by Admin on 7 Nov 2013, 3:03 p.m.



This exhibition will bring together highlights from the Watts Gallery archive, with rarely seen and newly discovered works to examine the life of this creative individual. On display will be examples of Mary’s earliest known work including her decorated photo album (c.1865-7) as well as her newly discovered illustrations produced in the early 1870’s for the publication Good Words for the Young. These will be supported throughout with excerpts from Mary’s diaries and letters illuminating the development of the designer’s views upon art.


The Making of Mary Seton Watts is undeniably a story of success; the venture of a young woman into the male dominated world of art, only just opening its doors to female artists, and her progress from that period of uncertainty to become the founder of the commercially successful Potters’ Arts Guild, designer of the Watts Cemetery Chapel, and pioneer of the Celtic Style for Liberty & Co. Find out more.