Restoration at Watts Gallery has taken a new turn this last week

Posted by Admin on 10 Aug 2009, midnight

Restoration at Watts Gallery has taken a new turn this last week. With a large machine, which looked like those which drill for oil, we have been digging holes in the ground, four to be precise, of over 100 metres. These are the bore holes for the Ground Source heat pump. We are very grateful to Low Carbon Buildings Programme for the support Out of these deep holes now emerge two pipes a blue one for cool air and a red one for hot air! Tiling of the Gallery roof is proceeding well and we have installed new terracotta tiles on the sculpture gallery roof, which after a bit of weathering will take on the hue of the other tiles already replaced. I now know all there is to know about soffits and bonnets! There was a new discovery recently on the subject of dirty render. The way to create render to match the render used for the chimney stacks was discovered by mixing sand from the site. This clearly was how it was done one hundred years ago.

We continue to be so grateful to all those who have so generously supported the restoration. Last week I gave a hard hat tour to a donor from the United States and the eminent artist Alexander Creswell. This week we gave a hard hat tour to the Trustees of the De Morgan Foundation and to a major donor. Each week progress is being made and we would like to thank all of you who have made it possible.