Snow on the ground and not much longer before the contract should be completed.

Posted by Admin on 1 Dec 2010, midnight

1st December, snow on the ground and not much longer before the contract should be completed. When friends and supporters visit the project and say, you will never be finished on time, my heart sinks. However, I have faith that Blenheim House Construction, who has managed to marshall over 30 men today in deep snow to continue work, and who are working every evening and all weekends, will deliver on their promise! By the end of this week we will start to see the red Tynecastle wallpaper back on the walls. I cannot wait to see the affect of this warm splash of colour in the Gallery.

Yesterday we had the honour of receiving a visit from over 12 intrepid supporters who walked through the snow to visit the Gallery and look round Watts’s house and studio, Limnerslease. So many people remark on how surprised they are to see the scale of the project, and when asked when such a restoration last took place on the Gallery, the answer has to be ‘never’. The group was particularly interested to see the conservation work taking place on the sculptures. Patricia Jackson has been working on the conservation of Physical Energy which now has a far more seamless colour and at last looks loved. Richard Rogers is working on Tennyson and as the Curator said, it still is showing some of the cobwebs it had when it left the Sculpture Gallery two years’ ago! We are particularly pleased that Patricia Jackson always involves a trainee conservator on the projects with Watts Gallery and we have the support of the De Laszlo Foundation to support this.

Last week we were meeting to discuss the possibility of our volunteers being nominated for a Queens Award. This would be such an acknowledgement of the tremendous work that they undertake and more staggeringly their huge loyalty during this period of closure. I was delighted to discover that we now have over 170 volunteers; but we still need to recruit some more in order to ensure the security, welcome and management of the restored Watts Gallery.

I am so grateful for the support and encouragement that we have been given by so many. Thank you