Talks that explore the art of G F and Mary Watts

Posted by Admin on 20 Jan 2010, midnight


Snow fell across the country and Compton was completely blocked off. The Gallery’s Information Point and the Chapel closed and everything seemed to grind to a halt. On the good side it meant that the first flush of the weather made the whole of the village looked quite wonderful and the red sky in the morning that warned of it was spectacular.

The Compton Cemetery Chapel designed by Mary Watts looked particularly good in snow. Recently I have been planning a study day on the chapel to take place in July where speakers will come together to speak about various aspects of the building and discuss it together, as the Watts Gallery will be closed it seems a good idea to celebrate that unique building which remains open. Whilst we’re closed I have also been planning a series of ten talks that explore not only the art of G F and Mary Watts, but also the history of the Wattses in Compton and the unique legacy that they created here.