The Big Issues project, art created by women prisoners from HMP Send

Posted by Admin on 1 May 2009, midnight


Work on the Gallery is progressing well. The concrete floor has now been laid in the lower gallery and the sculpture gallery, and the electrics are going in to the Curator’s and Assistant Curator’s House. One bat was found under the tiles on the roof, a pipistrelle, but has been safely removed and let free in the wild. The good news is that there is no, or very limited, dry rot in the floor tiles so we can reuse the majority of wooden blocks in the main Gallery.

This week we saw the fruit of the Big Issues project, art created by women prisoners from HMP Send, young offenders and reformed drug users. Belgravia Gallery in Albemarle Street kindly leant their Gallery to show this work which had been inspired by the Watts collection. It was an evening, honoured by Gillian Wolfe and Baroness Bottomley of Nettlestone, where Watts’s belief of Art for All was really exemplified. Although easy to say, there was real evidence of art changing lives.

I remain as always grateful to all our donors who enable the work on the building and the work in the community to continue. Particularly I would like to mention KPMG Foundation, the Peter Harrison Foundation, the Fenton Arts Trust and the Michael Varah Memorial Fund. Their contribution to the Big Issues project has enabled art to be a catalyst in the development of self worth among a large number of individuals. Thank you.