The Gallery Cooling event

Posted by Admin on 6 Oct 2008, midnight

This has been a week of mixed emotions. The Gallery Cooling event attended by over 100 friends, stewards, volunteers and neighbours was a poignant occasion. We circled the Gallery led by a piper, heard words written by Watts for a time-capsule buried when he founded the Gallery in 1904 and took stock of a momentous moment in the Gallery’s hundred year history.

The end of the week saw real change as part of the team decamped from the Gallery to take up occupation of the original Pottery Office in the lower part of the Watts Gallery Estate. As I look at the business plate outside the office, I think about the business which Mary started with the Compton Potters’ Arts Guild established as a result of the success of the Cemetery Chapel in Compton. It was a remarkable enterprise - to put in place a business which lasted over fifty years.

This Saturday we open the Information Point on the Estate which will provide a glimpse of the Gallery’s Compton Pottery collection and serve as a meeting point for walking tours of Compton. While we start to remove the pictures from the Gallery, I am delighted that we can offer our supporters access to the collection through our new website. We have completed a Watts film which we shall be showing in the Information Point. As one chapter closes, another opens as we prepare to take the collection to London for the Watts in the City season of events. Our strongest desire is that all our friends, volunteers, supporters and neighbours stay with us for the course of this momentous journey.