The notion of heroism

Posted by Admin on 3 Jul 2009, midnight


Hot on the heels of the celebrations of Postman’s Park came a conference on Heroism, ‘My Hero’ Defining and Constructing Non-Military Heroism, held at King’s College London. This fascinating conference looked at the notion of heroism through some very interesting examples, from comic book heroes to Postman’s Park. The addition of a new plaque at G F Watts’s Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice stimulated debate on to whether more should be added, something which had already had national press coverage.

Plans for the redisplay of the gallery have stepped up a gear and the re-opening looks very close indeed. It is very exciting and I cannot wait to start moving the collection back into the galleries. This week has also seen two additions to the collection, both from the Compton Pottery and both which add greatly to landscaping the garden. The first is a fine large scroll pot. The second is a garden fairy, Harebell, which was produced at Compton from their line of garden statuary originally sold at £17 and fifteen shillings. It was generously donated to us at the most appropriate moment, just before the Watts Gallery holds its Fairy Fun day on Sunday 19th July. The Victorian fascination with fairies is alive with children everywhere.
The Harebell Fairy O bells, on stems so thin and fine!