The Watts Gallery Hope Project has been like a roller coaster

Posted by Admin on 22 Jan 2010, midnight


The Watts Gallery Hope Project has been like a roller coaster. At one moment one is taken to great heights of joy as another donor makes a pledge to help us meet the unforeseen costs incurred as a result of R J Barwick Construction Services, our contractor, going into administration.

On the other, one is taken to great depths when the Estate Manager informs me that part of the scaffolding has collapsed and there is serious water ingress to the roof of the Gallery. This further development on site is proof again of the urgency to secure a new contractor to continue the restoration. We are now in the hands of the Administrator, and subject to their agreement, we can novate the contract to our preferred contractor and recommence work.

Just yesterday I was fortunate enough to receive an unexpected donation of £5,000 from a local Trust. Such gifts make the day considerably better, and as we go in to a series of meetings with Trustees scrutinizing deficit budgets for the current year, such acts of support are genuinely appreciated.

Thank you to all our donors, friends and volunteers for staying with us through this rather bleak moment to ensure that, phoenix like, the Gallery rises again – to resume its title as one of the most beautiful small Galleries in Europe.