The Word in the Pattern

Posted by Admin on 21 Aug 2009, midnight


In the last few weeks I have spent evenings at the Watts Chapel when the evening sun makes the terracotta glow a most extraordinary colour. Mary describes the symbols that she used as magic keys that open a whole world of enchantment. The more I look at every detail of it, both inside and out, I am enchanted. I cannot claim to follow exactly the path of the just and righteous, but the symbols do connect to a world of rich history of thought and imagery. Enchantment has led me to look further into the sources of her symbolism. She wrote at length of its various meanings in her book, The Word in the Pattern, which is very useful guide, but needs to read on the spot to find the images she describes. One thing I am very conscious of is that we must provide a guide for visitors which shows easily and concisely the main points of the symbolism that she uses. That will be a pleasure to do. In the meantime visitors who would like a tour we can provide this.