Things are moving closer to completion

Posted by Admin on 25 Jan 2011, noon


Things are moving closer to completion and excitement grows as we approach moving the collection back into the gallery. There are all the cases, picture racking and book shelves to go in first. One of these works has already begun in the Sculpture Gallery.

Decimus Burton (1800-1881)the eminent architect and garden designer was associated with Kew Gardens for almost thirty years. In that time he designed, with iron founder Richard Turner, the magnificent Palm House, the Temperate House and Water Lily House. He also designed cases for Kew and some of these were salvaged for use in the newly restored Watts Gallery. These enormous cases that have been carefully restored by Gavin Hussey, will allow us to show our rich collection of plaster
sculpture and Compton Pottery, works which otherwise would have had to remain in storage. The objects will include Watts's sketches in three dimensions for his paintings alongside body casts and death masks, all of which were an essential part of the artist's studio. The collection will give a real sense of how an artist works and the creative process, a cabinet of curiosities which takes us closer to the art of G F Watts.

The Watts Gallery has been working with the University of Surrey and De Morgan Foundation in setting up an exhibition of the drawings of Evelyn De Morgan at the Lewis Elton Gallery. I can remember working on the first retrospective of the artist in 1997 at the Russell-Cotes and it is will bw a great joy to me to see her exhibited again.