Watts Gallery has been Shortlisted for the Art Fund Prize 2012!

Posted by Admin on 14 May 2012, 6:37 p.m.

BBC Radio 4's Front Row has just announced that Watts Gallery has now been shortlisted for the Art Fund Prize for Museums and Galleries 2012. This is such wonderful news and we are so grateful for all of those who have supported us over the recent weeks and helped us with this accomplishment.

Perdita Hunt, Director of Watts Gallery commented:

"G.F. Watts, one of the most famous painters in his lifetime, said that after his death his work might not be recognized for one hundred years. Through this wonderful accolade of Watts Gallery being included in the shortlist of the Art Fund Prize, it seems that his time has come. His Gallery, the only purpose built art gallery for a single professional artist and a national gallery in the heart of a village has been restored by the Heritage Lottery Fund and so many generous and selfless people, his collection has been conserved and his and his wife’s ideals of art for all have been revived through an innovative learning and outreach programme. We are so grateful that the judges of the Art Fund Prize have recognized the efforts of so many and included us in the short list. We are just overjoyed on behalf of our 300 volunteers, our 50,000 visitors and all those, who through this national and prestigious recognition, will wish to re-engage with two extraordinary philanthropists – G.F. Watts and Mary Seton Watts – two people who believed in Art for All and left us a unique legacy."

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The winner will be announced on Tuesday 19 June 2012.