Watts Gallery supporters visit New York

Posted by Admin on 10 Nov 2008, midnight

Last week a small group of Watts Gallery supporters visited New York for the opening of the exhibition of Victorian Artists in Photographs, G F Watts and his world, selections from The Rob Dickins Collection at The Forbes Galleries, Fifth Avenue. As part of the visit we were invited to private collections of 19th-century art and Richard Ormond, chairman of the Watts Gallery Trust gave us an unforgettable tour of the 19th-century collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where Watts was the first living artist to be given a retrospective in 1884.

It was exciting to be there at the time of the election, particularly as the word ‘hope’ was on everyone’s lips. The new President of the United States was inspired by Watts’s Hope and we are trying to see if we can link the President up with Hope which is the highlight of G F Watts, Victorian Visionary, Highlights from the Watts Gallery collection which has just opened at the Guildhall Art Gallery. As I write this, water has come in to my office and there is a pool in the corner. Next door the project manager is meeting with the contractor. Work cannot start soon enough on this failing and crumbling, but much loved building.