Adopt a Watts

The Adopt a Watts scheme offers you the opportunity to have a personal association with a painting, drawing or sculpture by the 19th Century's most celebrated British artist, G F Watts.

You can exclusively 'adopt' any available work from Watts Gallery's Collection. In return, adoption is granted for five years and your name is engraved on a beautifully handcrafted plaque and placed on the frame or next to your chosen artwork.

Works of art are fragile and easily damaged. Your adoption will ensure the preservation and long term care of your chosen artwork and our collection as a whole, saving it for future generations.

How much does it cost?

The cost of adoption varies, depending on the type, size and significance of the artwork; please see below as a guide:

  • Drawings £250
  • Oil sketch £500
  • Portrait £1,500
  • Large paintings £2,000-£2,500

Donations can be staggered in instalments. Artworks can be adopted by individuals, corporations, philanthropic trusts and foundations, and also by groups of individuals contributing towards a group adoption. If adopting an artwork is beyond your budget, why not get together with some friends and adopt it together?

What benefits will I receive as a member of the scheme?

In recognition of your donation, we will:

  • Grant a five year adoption for your chosen artwork
  • Engrave your name on a plaque which will appear on the frame or close to your artwork
  • Acknowledge your gift in Watts Gallery Trust's annual report and in appropriate publications
  • Invite you to view the artwork prior to any restoration
  • Include you in the Adopt a Watts book, the online copy of which can be seen below

How will my donation be used?

Your donation will go towards the conservation and long-term care of your chosen artwork and the collection as a whole. This will ensure the survival of the collection so that more people are given the chance to discover its inspirational artworks, rich heritage and irreplaceable charm.

How can I enquire further?

If you are interested in adopting an artwork, please contact Sarah James, Development Officer on 01483 901 809 or email

Adopt a Watts book

The Adopt a Watts book contains excerpts from our generous adopters alongside an illustration of their adopted drawing, painting or sculpture. Watts Gallery Trust is immensely grateful to the members of our Adopt a Watts Scheme; their support has ensured the preservation and long term care of their adopted artwork and our collection as a whole, saving it for future generations.