Watts Gallery today

By 2004 — 100 years after it first opened — conditions at Watts Gallery had deteriorated so severely that it was deemed at risk. The Trustees launched the aptly named Hope Project with the aim to save the building and its unique collection for at least another hundred years to come. Following an extensive restoration and extension, Watts Gallery re-opened in 2011.

Two new temporary exhibition spaces were added as well as an outer workshop equipped with a kiln as a learning space. The Wattses had always been keen to involve local communities in projects, a value that the Artists' Village endorses today with its outreach and learning programmes. The Hope Wall outside the Sculpture Gallery was also created: through word and image it records the thoughts and memories of the current local community.

Upcoming Events and Exhibitions

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Compton Pottery Coloured Ware

24 Jul

Conservation Open Studio

25 Jul

Watts Chapel Tour

26 Jul

Watts Tots: Paint

26 Jul

Art Talks

26 Jul

Meet the Artist: Greenwich Printmakers

27 Jul

Limnerslease Tours

28 Jul

The Make Space

28 Jul

Exhibition Tour: John Frederick Lewis: Facing Fame

30 Jul