5 Reasons to Donate to our Crowdfunding Campaign

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Posted 4th May 2017

1. To provide Art for All.
George and Mary Watts believed passionately that art is for everyone, regardless of class, gender, ethnicity and age. Watts Gallery – Artists' Village is committed to carrying on their legacy, not only with our creative learning programme but also with a new piece of public art.

2. To get a great reward!
Everyone who makes a donation to the campaign will receive a reward from a brilliant selection that includes postcards, tote bags, limited edition prints by British artist and illustrator Peter Cross, bespoke lusterware tiles and more, all created exclusively for the campaign.

3. To help celebrate G F Watts's 200th birthday.
George Frederic Watts was born in 1817, making 2017 an important year for England's greatest Victorian artist. Bringing Physical Energy to Watts Gallery - Artists' Village will be the cherry on top of a massive year of celebrating England's Michelangelo!

4. To celebrate Surrey's most famous artist and the unique Artists' Village which Watts left behind for today's visitors.
We want to create a lasting monument to the diverse cultural heritage of the South East… our very own Angel of the North.

5. To continue the regeneration of the Artists' Village.
Before it's restoration in 2011, Watts Gallery had fallen into astonishing disrepair. Thanks to generous donations from the public, the gallery was saved for the nation along with Limnerslease, the Wattses' beautiful Arts & Crafts house. Our engaging new museum space, Watts Studios, opened to the public in 2016, and Physical Energy will be one more unique element of our expansive creative village.