Anonymous donor challenges Watts Gallery – Artists’ Village to raise a further £12,500, which they will match pound for pound

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Posted 26th May 2017

Your help has managed to get our horse to the top of the hill, but the race is not over yet. With 5 days to go there is still time to give our horse a fantastic stable and pasture to graze in, as well, thanks to our latest challenge.

An anonymous and very generous donor, impressed by the groundswell of public support for our crowdfunding campaign, has set us the bold challenge of exceeding our target by another £12,500, which they will match £1 for £1. If successful, this would mean that we will have raised a further £25,000, bringing our grand total to £50,000.

With your ongoing support, we can clear these final fences on our canter to the finishing line and ensure accessibility, Art For All, and look to the ongoing care of our four-tonne bronze horse.

If you would like to donate to the project please visit