Anne Gournay: Artist Statement

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Posted 27th December 2017

Anne Gournay

Gournay practiced art in parallel with a career in marketing initially, but retrained in 2003 and specialised in painting at l'Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris Glaciere. After time in Paris and New York, she moved to London and discovered printmaking at Central St Martin's. Her work is held in many private collections worldwide, and in the V&A print collection. She lives and works in London.

“I am drawn to highly contrasted and textured images. I work from my photographs, using my camera and my imagination as a sketchbook. I have a very precise idea in my mind of what I'm aiming for, and use various printmaking techniques – sometimes combining them – to achieve the desired result."

"The Ghost Town series explores the issues of the isolation one can feel in our modern society. These images were produced from photographs I took in London, after a full night of snow. The light emanating from the snow was amazing – stronger than the light from the sky. I started by making solar plates from my photographs, but I realised I needed to add something more, to achieve the timeless feel I was after. So I decided to hand-etch a second plate to modify the atmosphere. The combination of the two creates a sort of surrealist impression, to communicate how incredible it is to be in the middle of a large city, but feel alone.”

Anne Gournay is featured in our annual selling print show, In Print: British Landscapes, at Watts Contemporary Gallery until 7 January 2018. See Gournay at work in her studio below.