Archangel Gin and the Mary Watts Seraph

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Posted 16th November 2017

I first saw the [Watts] chapel and gallery back in the mid 80s and fell in love with the imagery and the place at once. I think I was about 20. Ever since, I've returned every couple of years and have seen a transformation in the gallery – which I love deeply – and, of course, to visit the angels and cherubs in the chapel.

When we were coming up with a name, we took a few things into account. The distillery is on the old pilgrimage route from Castel Acre to Walsingham, the road runs past our back wall. Many of our local churches have angel supports in their roof beams too. Add to that my love of the Watts Chapel and that Archangel Gin is made by a religious brother (me) and the name became obvious. Well, to me anyway!

We tell everyone where the imagery comes from and send as many people your way [Watts Gallery - Artists' Village] as possible – of course we also have you mentioned on our bottles and boxes “Imagery inspired by the Watts Gallery - Artists Village”.

The gin is made on our family farm and includes local juniper from the farm.