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#TakeoverDay: Art Forum - My Experience

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Posted 15th August 2019

Art Forum - My Experience

Rachel, Teen Digital Takeover Day Participant

Hi! I'm Rachel (17) and I've been an Art Forum Member for 3 years. I initially joined for DofE volunteering but I've enjoyed it so much and continued coming. I've always been interested in art, and have studied it in school and college. Having the opportunity to see the gallery as I have, from meeting people behind the scenes to helping out myself, I really feel like I have grown as an artist and as a person. In Art Forum we get the chance to meet the people who run the gallery, from Marketing, to Curating, to Conservation. We have the chance to talk to them about their jobs, how they ended up at Watts and why they love it. I find it really interesting, as someone interested in entering an artistic career, to understand what's out there.

Other exciting Art Forum meetings include working with different artists in residence. We met Chris Eales who showed us his work in animation and a cool way to create our own; we often develop our creative skills in workshops. As a group we've undertaken longer projects too, we created and designed a trail for the Christina Rossetti exhibition (Christina Rossetti: Vision & Verse), it was amazing seeing the process through to the end and seeing the final result. We also wrote and recorded scripts about the De Morgan Collection which were uploaded onto SoundCloud for gallery use. I really love being involved with different aspects of Watts, and even get the opportunity to volunteer at weekends.

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