Art Forum visit: Helen Allingham

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Posted 27th December 2017

Our Art Forum group enjoyed a private view of our current Helen Allingham exhibition on Thursday 30 November. The students created sketches inspired by artworks, one of the participants even created a little story based on Allingham's Harvest Moon - which with their kind permission we are sharing with you below.

Harvest Moon:

A youthful harvester returns home from the fields; dressed all in white and beige. The late summer heat remains and warms his back. His scythe is heavy in his hands. His mother's warnings run through his mind like galloping horses. He knows he should turn back before the moon hangs heavy in the sky and the night envelops him in its dark embrace. He gazes at the rising full moon while far off a nightingale sings and a bat flutters through the night. Mice squeak and scuttle through the undergrowth. On the harvester's back is a battered cloak well spent; it has shielded him from the wind and rain.

The harvester feels proud of his work. He was honest and true. Perhaps a milk maid or two will grant him a kiss. His skin has tanned like leather and his hands now have calluses where before they might have felt like a silk cloth. His lungs fill with clean air unlike the heavy poison fog of the city. He stares at the horizon for a moment and grips his scythe tighter like it is a weapon and before turning to walk home. With the smell of wildflowers in his nose and the song of a lark falling upon his ears, the harvester's footsteps are light and merry.