Arts & Crafts with Rod Hughes

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Posted 10th September 2019

Arts & Crafts with Rod Hughes

What's your passion in life? Do you like cars, fashion? Imagine being asked to build a formula race one car from scratch, or a Givenchy frock for a top show. In craft terms, being asked to go back to back to live in 'The Victorian House of Arts and Crafts', making pieces in the style of the classic masters - Morris, Ashbee, Gimson, Voysey, Barnsley, Watts - was that big of a deal.

To say that 'Arts and Crafts' was pivotable is a massive understatement. The movement looked to preserve craft skills before we knew they were in danger. They espoused equality in class and gender before we understood it as a right. Imagine Charles Darwin campaigning to save the Dodo or Daimler suggesting that we reject fossil fuels to develop electric cars and renewable energy. These Victorians were that ahead of their time.

In design, artistic and creative terms, hand skills, techniques and use of materials are at their peak prior to the erosion of skill levels and cheapening of materials and construction that the 20th and now 21st century continue to give us.

For this year's Watts Gallery - Artists' VIllage MAKE Festival, my 'Victorian House' friends and I hope to show you some of the beautiful pieces of furniture and art made by the program's modern makers in the style, with the love, care and in the spirit of the Arts and Crafts Movement.
My talk covers what I personally learned from this intense period and the relevance today and for the future.

MAKE Festival
September 28 - Sunday 29 September

Victorian Room of Arts & Crafts
Step inside our reconstructed Arts & Crafts bedroom with furniture and objects made on BBC Two's The Victorian House of Arts & Crafts.

The room will feature a Heal's double bed made by Rod Hughes and Abi Nafisi, the embroidered bedspread that won 'object of the week' in episode one made by Niamh Wimperis, the Barnsley mirror made by Rod Hughes and Stephen Winstanley and the Ernest Gimson fire dogs, as well as photographs of the artists in action from the programme.

Also at the event you can meet Rod Hughes and Niamh Wimperis.

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