#ContemporaryArtMonday: Gael Sellwood

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Posted 1st October 2018

Gael Sellwood

A gold medal winner with both the RHS and the Caledonian RHS, and Vice President of the Society of Botanical Artists, Gael Sellwood has worked as a botanical and natural history artist for over twenty five years. She uses material from her extensive conservation garden, which provides much of her inspiration. With formal qualifications in botanical illustration and business skills she combines painting with some teaching. Painting is now her main occupation.

Gael's work details found natural objects, affected, renounced and used by nature. Usually working in watercolour on paper or vellum, her paintings take the viewer to the hedgerow, wayside or garden, recreating a season, a feeling, a scent or an experience for posterity. Her favourite subjects are often dried, curled and care worn, rather than pristine and perfect.

Why I like flowers as a subject

'Colour and texture. And the seasons. I love the idea that you can take the viewer to a hedgerow with some primroses and goat willow, or to a bed in the garden, perhaps tended by a much loved older relative just with a full blown rose on paper. For me it is all about connecting.'

Image: Gael Sellwood, Roses in Milk Bottle