#ContemporaryArtMonday: Heather Jansch

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Posted 26th February 2018

Heather Jansch

The focus of this week's #ContemporaryArtMonday is Heather Jansch, an equestrian artist whose work will feature in our new Watts Contemporary Exhibition, Horses in Art Reimagined (27 February - 15 April).

“The most challenging aspect of creating the sculptures is finding inspirational raw material, and attempting to reveal the essence of the horse without falling prey to repetition or formula. As James Joyce famously wrote: “Horseness is the Whatness of All Horse."

Heather was a country child obsessed by drawing horses and building things from scrap; the confines and strictures of classrooms nearly drove her mad, except for the art room's sanctuary, and amplified an already exasperating habit of asking why all the time. My dream was to become an artist with long dark hair living in a huge crumbling old house in wooded foothills with a river at my door and horses grazing all round.

In the sixties I studied art at Goldsmith's college London but was ejected without a degree. It no longer seems important at this point in my career. My life as a practicing artist has been made possible by sticking with my love for horses and maintained by intense observation, experimentation, a determined personality and a liberal sprinkling of great opportunities.

My father said I was born under a lucky star. My mother said nothing was impossible.

See Heather's sculptures in Horses in Art Reimagined at Watts Contemporary Gallery now.

Banner image: Heather Jansch, Shaker, driftwood sculpture.