#ContemporaryArtMonday: Kate Lloyd

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Posted 19th March 2018

Kate Lloyd

From a very young age Kate loved horses; she is obsessed with photography of wild horses, and horses unadorned with tack, with or without their owners.

Photographing horses, especially in a wild scenario is quite an emotional experience and produces unique glimpses into their lives.


I am a photographer and use digital images of horses, collected in a variety of locations around the world. Finding the best locations where wild or free running horses are available with beautiful scenery in which to pose them takes time and research.

I use a very limited amount of digital manipulation using Lightroom and Photoshop but my preference is to take the image correctly rather than spend hours on the computer afterwards.

The images are printed on Fine Art Photo Rag and marked with a unique hologram. A matching certificate of authenticity with a matching hologram is created for the purchaser, whose name is then registered on the My Art Registry website. This protects the image from being mass produced, which supports the value of the Limited Edition. The Fine Art paper is acid free and archival quality.

The framing is done with great care to ensure the archival quality standards are maintained.

See Kate's work on display in Horses in Art Reimagined, at Watts Contemporary Gallery until 15 April 2018.