New work on display

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Posted 14th January 2019

New work on display

Russell Jakubowski

This week I have put up two pieces of work which I have been making in the Artist in Residence Studio. They have been cut by hand from single sheets of plywood. Both of these works were inspired by the poetry of Christina Rossetti.

The piece located on the grass near the Main Gallery entrance uses three lines from 'Goblin Market'.

I have tried here to evoke something of the fascination, movement and menace of the Goblin Men. Squeezing, stretching and curving the words to produce a tantalisingly legible representation of their advance.

The second piece is located on the grass at the bend of the path that travels past the glass walled Sculpture gallery.

Two lines taken from the poem 'The Convent Threshold' take shape and emerge from the mind of Christina Rossetti.

Her profile is my copy of one drawn by her brother Gabriel.

The words read:

'I tell you what I dreamed last night:
It was not dark, it was not light'

Her serene profile perhaps masks the tumult she feels at a time of indecision.

Feeling and meaning merge and she turns, as ever, to the formation of words as a means of expression and clarification. Those words becoming more physically organised in this piece as they exit her mind.