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Posted 18th December 2017

In Print: Unique Christmas Gifts - prints available from £110.

This week's artist's voice is Louise Davies, fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers, who works from her studio in Woolwich, South London.

“I was brought up in the South West of England, and I think my work has derived from my immediate response to the land at a young age. I am attracted to the natural shapes, formations and colours created by nature and I try to convey the atmosphere and timing of the seasons in my work. I use etching and collograph plates to build up a structure that relates to the land and the time of day."

You can see Davies works on display, including the pictures right, in our latest Watts Contemporary Gallery exhibition, In Print: British Landscapes.

In Print: British Landscapes brings together work by 13 contemporary print makers to celebrate the diversity of contemporary practice in this medium and is on until 7 January 2018.

From the coasts of Norfolk, Northumberland, Sussex and Wales through to the countryside of Yorkshire, Shropshire, Dorset and Devon – as well as local Surrey scenes of Boxhill and Oxshott Heath – this exhibition demonstrates how the landscape is an endless source of fascination for artists. Using wood engraving, linocut, collage, etching, screenprinting and solar plate etching, the exhibition shows the wide range of techniques employed by today's artists to depict landscape in print.

Featured artists are Kit Boyd, Stuart Brocklehurst, Angela Brookes, Ann Burnham, Louise Davies, Mary Gillett, Anne Gournay, Gloria Holden, Jennifer Jokhoo, Andy Lovell, Howard Phipps, Judith Robertson and Richard Shimell. The exhibition is a collaboration with Gwen Hughes Fine Art.

In Print: Unique Christmas Gifts - prints available from £110.