#DeMorganWeek: Work in Focus: William De Morgan

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Posted 1st September 2018


Work in Focus: William De Morgan

These stunning tile panels are very different to the other ceramics on display at the Watts Gallery as they depict landscape scenes. This was not a subject that De Morgan created regularly. The panels were created for a commission from P&O De Morgan won in 1882 to create tile designs for 12 luxury liners. They depict scenes that De Morgan imagined passengers might see on their travels. These panels would have been made as extras in case the ones on board were damaged. They might also have been displayed in the showroom De Morgan had at 45 Great Marlborogh St in London to advertise the commission.

To create this tile panel, glaze was painted onto large sheets of paper and then placed onto the tiles before firing. If you look closely at the second row of tiles down, you will see a line going across the panels where the tracing paper has been joined and the glaze is overlapped.

Sarah Hardy
De Morgan Foundation Curator

Find out more about the De Morgan Foundation on their website.

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