#ContemporaryArtMonday: Diana Croft: Printmaking

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Posted 8th January 2018

Diana Croft: Colour Pattern Texture
13 January - 18 February
Watts Contemporary Gallery

Ahead of our upcoming Watts Contemporary Gallery exhibition, Diana Croft shares an insight into her printmaking process.

“Multicolour linocuts can be produced in two ways; either by cutting a separate block for each colour and printing them on top of one another or by progressively cutting away from the same block (where the lino block is virtually destroyed during the process) known as the reduction method, which is described here.

The design is drawn onto the lino with indelible ink and the areas to remain white are cut away first. The first colour is printed by rolling ink onto the surface of the block and placing the printing paper on top. You must print as many copies at this stage as you require for the whole edition as after the next section is cut away you cannot go back and print more. This can sometimes be very frustrating! Subsequent colours are printed on top of the first, once the block has been further modified with more cutting away. The registration must be perfect to ensure that all the parts of the image line up exactly.

I often use a technique called chine colle in my work, both with the collagraph prints and linocuts. This is a method of introducing an extra layer of colour to the print with the use of small silk tissue papers. These are applied to the inked surface of the collagraph plate or linocut, and the printing paper carefully placed on top so that it is sandwiched together after being rolled through the press. I find it an effective way to create extra depth to the image and also it means that each print is unique."

See Diana Croft's works in person at Watts Contemporary Gallery from 13 January - 18 February. Find out more here.