Enjoy a Fresh Scone of the Day on National Cream Tea Day

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Posted 29th June 2017

There are few things more English than afternoon tea, a tradition that began in the Victorian period when taxes on tea were lowered by Queen Victoria and the expanding plantations in India created an abundance of affordable tea.

Afternoon tea became popular as an afternoon snack to tide people over until dinner, which was served around 7pm. This new meal quickly became a social event, and Queen Victoria was so fond of Afternoon Tea that she mentions it 7,000 times in her journals.

Tiny sandwiches, freshly baked scones, buttered toast, assorted pastries, miniature cakes, Devonshire cream and a pot of tea is a traditional Victorian afternoon tea — quite a lot of food for between meals. Instead, we would recommend a cream tea from our award-winning Tea Shop.

We offer a scone of the day served with fresh cream and jam or butter for our savoury scones plus a range of specialty teas. We also have delicious cakes if you fancy something a bit different.

Visit us on National Cream Tea Day this Friday 30 June or anytime — we're open daily from 10.30am.

Happy teatime!