Exhibition Tour: Pre-Raphaelite Treasures: Drawings and Watercolours

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Posted 2nd May 2022

Our exhibition Pre-Raphaelite Treasures: Drawings and Watercolours features highlights from the Ashmolean Museum’s internationally-renowned collection of Pre-Raphaelite drawings and watercolours, alongside a selection of works from George Frederic Watts.

Artists of the Pre-Raphaelite movement came from a wide range of artistic backgrounds and created drawings in a variety of styles and techniques over the course of their careers. However, these treasures are rarely publicly exhibited owing to their delicacy and sensitivity to light exposure. 

Learn more about the exhibition in this tour with our Curator, Dr Emily Burns. Emily takes you through the various themes in the exhibition and highlights some of the artworks we have on display. Watch below.

This exhibition  showcases how artists including Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Edward Burne-Jones and Elizabeth Siddal experimented with different drawing materials, sometimes making careful studies from life and in other instances expressing their fertile imagination on paper. They produced rough sketches and elaborate finished drawings in pencil and pen, chalks and pastel, and even gold paint. This exhibition also offers the chance to bring select works on paper by the Pre-Raphaelites’ contemporary George Frederic Watts out from the Watts Gallery archive.

Visit Pre-Raphaelite Treasures: Drawings and Watercolours at Watts Gallery until 12 June.