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Posted 9th September 2016

There are nearly 90 museums in the Artist's Studio Museum Network from all across Europe. Each space presents curators with unique challenges and opportunities from conserving historic murals, to garden maintenance, to working with the artist's descendants. However, they all have one thing in common: that an artist once lived or worked there.

'Inside the Studio Museum', a new blog series from the Artist's Studio Museum Network, throws open the doors to the studio museum, inviting staff from museums all over Europe to discuss how they solve one of the studio museum's most important questions:

How do you keep the spirit of the artist alive in your museum?

Yuliya Kudryavtseva, Head of the Korin Art Research Department at the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow and manager of the House Museum of Pavel Korin:

“Our museum was a special case from the beginning. The Museum of Pavel Korin was created right after the death of the artist, and his widow – Praskovia Korina – continued to live there. The house [remained] a living one for another twenty-five years . . . and visiting the museum was possible only through guided tour.

Visitors left their outerwear in the same hallway as Korin did, feeling more like guests then foreign visitors. Praskovia Korina often came out from the house during their visits, talked with them and answered their questions.

Currently, the museum is closed for reconstruction. When it is finished, we will be able to finally open for visitors the living rooms of the Korin family including the dining room and the bedroom . . . We hope to find the needed balance that will be good for guests and at the same time won't ruin the atmosphere of the house."

Read more from Yuliya Kudryavtseva about curating the House Museum of Pavel Korin in 'Inside the Studio Museum', running from the 12 September, at

Image: Interior of the House Museum of Pavel Korin, Malaya Pirogovskaya Street 16-5, Moscow, Russia.