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Posted 17th November 2017

Takeover Day is a celebration of children and young people's contributions to museums, galleries, arts organisations, archives and heritage sites. Today at Watts Gallery - Artists' Village we have been fortunate to have a new recruit with us for @kidsinmuseums #TakeoverDay, Olivia, who has been doing a fantastic job of running our social media for us. Just in case you missed her work she has kindly created the below blog. Enjoy.

My name is Olivia and I am a student currently studying Art and Design at UCA. As part of the Art Forum at the Watts Gallery - Artists' Village, we were given the chance to gain valuable insight into the running of museums as part of Kids in Museums #Takeoverday. Below are some of my tweets from this morning. I've had a brilliant time learning more about the behind the scenes of museums. Thanks to Susanna and the marketing team for having me!

10:30 - Hi it's Kids in Museums #Takeoverday. Children & young people are taking over museums across the country today. My name is Olivia & I will be tweeting from @WattsGallery marketing office this morning! I hope you enjoy my tweets.

11:00 - Don't miss GF Watts: England's Michelangelo #exhibition, which runs until 26 November @WattsGallery. At Art Forum we've been looking at Watts' cosmos inspired paintings including his epic The Sower of the Systems from @ArtOntario. #TakeoverDay – Olivia @kidsinmuseums

11:30 - Here is a sneak preview of the upcoming new exhibition featuring the work of Victorian illustrator, Helen Allingham. Lots of exciting things happening today @Wattsgallery in Compton.

12:00 - It's a lovely day here @wattsgallery. These are some pics I snapped around site of the beautiful autumn sunshine! #TakeoverDay –Olivia @kidsinmuseums

12:35 - I've had a brilliant morning with the marketing team looking at the behind the scenes of running a museum. Thanks to @Wattsgallery and @Kidsinmuseums.

You can find my tweets and pictures at https://twitter.com/WattsGallery

- Olivia