Louise Davies: Artist Statement

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Posted 1st December 2017

Louise Davies

My prints are created from immediate drawings that I do from my sketchbook. For me, the sketchbook is a vital tool for the beginning of my work. I feel very connected to the landscape and to the seasons and try to convey the feeling, shapes, lines and colours of being in the landscape either at a certain time of day or at a certain time of year.

I take these drawings that I do on sight back into my studio and then transfer them on to a zinc metal plate. I use a combination of hard ground and soft ground as I like the variety of the lines and the deep etch that can be achieved by the length of time a plate is in the acid. I treat etching very much as I would making a meal, not particularly following a recipe but instead using my intuition and responding to the results the etching brings. Timing in the acids can vary but I keep a close eye on the plate and see how it is biting!

My prints are often created with three plates and sometimes include a collagraph. I love colour and use the different plates, with Aquatint, to pursue a final print, which I hope will have luminous colour and depth in it. The proofing stage can take weeks as I keep trying different colour fields. It can therefore take a while to finally finish the image. My overall mission is to make something that I feel has a balance pictorially. Nature seems to do this effortlessly and this is what I would like to achieve in my work.

Louise Davies studied Fine Art at St Martin's School of Art in London, followed by an MA in printmaking at Camberwell School of Art. She is a fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers, and exhibits widely throughout the UK. She works from her studio in Woolwich, South London.

See Louise Davies's work in our exhibition, In Print: British Landscapes, at Watts Contemporary Gallery until 7 January 2018.