Make Victorian-inspired biscuits this National Biscuit Day

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Posted 29th May 2017

Today is not only a bank holiday but also National Biscuit Day!

Did you know that the average British person enjoys two biscuits a day? Brits have loved biscuits since the Victorian period when the Industrial Revolution meant that cakes, biscuits and jellies could be mass-produced.

The Victorians invented birthday cakes, Swiss Roll and Victoria Sponge — named for Queen Victoria herself — and many biscuits that remain firm favourites were also created during this era.

Garibaldi biscuits were invented in 1861, and Cream Crackers came along in 1885. Two Scottish doctors invented Digestives in 1839 as a digestion aid, and in 1892 McVitie's started manufacturing them on a large scale.

Why not make your own Victorian-inspired biscuits and enjoy them on a picnic at the Artists' Village? We offer takeaway teas and coffees at the Tea Shop and have lovely benches and lawns that are the perfect place to sit and share a snack.