Meet... the Greenwich Printmakers

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Posted 29th July 2019

Meet... the Greenwich Printmakers

Greenwich Printmakers at 40

Steve Edwards

Steve Edwards developed a fascination for music and art from an early age. He completed a BA in textile design at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts in 1983, during which he was introduced to printmaking. Steve joined East London Printmakers in 2004, where he developed his own practice and began to print on a large scale. His many years as a graphic designer have given him different perspectives and skills to enable his work to develop. With his multi-layered lino prints, he carves the lino and also etches it, which gives him a variety of marks and textures to play with. The etched lino process is difficult to control, and has an element of unpredictability to it. His prints capture landscapes and cityscapes, and he especially loves light, and how it effects water, sky and buildings.

Steve has exhibited extensively over the years through different printmaking groups both in the United Kingdom and abroad. His work is held at the V&A.

Ruairi Fallon

Ruairi Fallon is a Belfast-born, London-based multi-disciplinary artist. Predominantly a printmaker, he specializes in the medium of reduction woodcut. His inspiration is drawn from 'the seductive nature of the physical photograph in a time of digital saturation'. The photographs are collected and archived from attics, abandoned houses, markets and his own 35mm photography. Ruairi collages this varied imagery through drawings, which are then worked into paintings and prints, both of which distort and refine the original. Describing his work, Ruairi says, 'my works are transient fragments of memory; my own, found and borrowed. They are a broken narrative indicative of the collective memory. My works rely on the human mind's ability to seamlessly link different imagery into a fluid narrative while simultaneously relating it to your own nostalgia'.

Where Did the Night Go? by Ruairi Fallon is also available to purchase online on the Watts Shop. Click here to browse.

Christina France

Christina France works from her studio in West London and maintains close links with France, where she lived for many years. Christina's interest in printmaking is combined with her practice in drawing and is generally formal and abstract in nature. Space, repetition, rhythm, geometry and chance are integral to her work. 'As a printmaker, I respond to the medium with spontaneity, connecting to its material properties. Working intuitively and allowing the unique properties of the materials to dictate the progression of the work, the process of etching with its mysterious alchemy of metal, acid and time enchants me. The end result is achieved through a meandering, explorative journey'.

Christina's work is exhibited nationally and internationally and held in public and private collections, including the V&A. She was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 2018. She is represented by the Grafik i Vast Gallery in Sweden and Print Solo in the UK and has won awards for her work.

Carolyn Fuller

Carolyn Fuller has had a career as an art teacher for 32 years and is now a full time printmaker. She also creates scenic artwork for the BBC and theatres.

Carolyn started as an etcher but now works mostly in relief printing, making reduction linocuts, complex in construction and colour variation. She says, 'I enjoy the intense and layered colour that can be achieved with this method of printing'.

Clare Grossman

Clare Grossman lives and works in North London. She attained her masters degree in Fine Art Printmaking at Camberwell School of Art. Her work often combines dry point etching with mono printing. This means each print has a unique quality: the individual print retains its own particular painterly marks, mood and palette. Clare takes an experimental approach to her work and aims to describe movement and light; she is particularly fascinated with the mysterious substance of shadows.

Clare's work is exhibited widely across the UK and her work has recently has been acquired by Scarborough Museum & the V&A.

Pines Entwined by Clare Grossman is also available to purchase online on the Watts Shop. Click here to browse.

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