Meet... the Greenwich Printmakers

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Posted 19th August 2019

Meet… the Greenwich Printmakers

Greenwich Printmakers at 40

Sandra Millar

Sandra Millar studied at Edinburgh College of Art and qualified as an art teacher at Goldsmiths College. Sandra's work explores the possibilities for linear and tonal contrasts that etching, aquatint and drypoint offer.

She says, 'I began printmaking by using the drypoint technique, where I draw directly on the metal plate using a pointed tool. This produces a soft line as the tool creates a burr, and is great to do... but limited in how many prints I can make, as it can never make such a deep line as when etched in acid. I use sugar-lift aquatint to create tones from light to dark... and if it goes wrong I can scrape and smooth away...which can be hard work!'

Michael Reid

Michael Reid worked as a professional designer for many years for leading London design agencies and national magazines, exhibiting in national and international award schemes and exhibitions, including the renowned London Transport posters series. His work in fine art and printmaking reflects his strong design background and his love of pattern and texture, bordering reality and abstraction. His semi-abstract images of landscape and nature frequently use mixed media and sugar-lift aquatint etching – his favourite technique. Michael says 'being of an age to remember Camp Coffee, I frequently use this to “paint" my sugar-lift images, relishing the medium's mind-of-its-own nature and subtle textures. I often use broad, flat areas of aquatint tone to create my semi abstract landscapes'.

Michael has exhibited widely, including at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, and the Affordable Art Fair, Battersea.

Harvest Moon by Michael Reid is also available to purchase online on the Watts Shop. Click here to browse.

Laura Reiter

Laura Reiter has a degree in painting and an MA in printmaking and works from her studio in North West London. Now mainly a screenprinter, she builds up layers of transparent colour, which in turn create many other colours, gradually bringing together the print with more opaque symbols and images. She uses a combination of drawn, painted and photo images placed on the screen, which she then can select from to make the story of the image. She is constantly experimenting with what and how to put images on the screen and sometimes adds elements of mixed media to her work.

Laura has written two books, Learn to Paint Abstracts, published by Harper Collins and Beginners Guide to Abstract Art published by Batsford Books. She has exhibited in many shows, including at the Mall Galleries, the Bankside Gallery and the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery in London.

In the Garden by Laura Reiter is also available to purchase online on the Watts Shop. Click here to browse.

Stephen Robson

Stephen Robson studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths College and then followed a career in photography in the 1980s, often travelling the country to photograph gardens for magazines and publishing. A photographer he admired was Edwin Smith. Smith always painted alongside his photographic work, and this inspired Stephen to return to his artistic roots. He began printmaking, first by drawing the coastal landscapes easily reached from London, which became the subjects of his first prints.

Describing his etchings, Stephen says: 'I began with etching - the most direct way to use a drawing and to make something more permanent with the pages of sketchbooks. I find etching a rich and subtle medium. I tried adding a small amount of colour by mono printing over the etching plates, and more recently I have tried screen printing with acrylic colour - a way of using the same colour palette I used in my paintings but with the advantage of being water based, which is more pleasant to use'.