Meet... the Greenwich Printmakers

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Posted 26th August 2019

Meet... the Greenwich Printmakers

Greenwich Printmakers at 40

Maureen Sweeney

Maureen Sweeney studied Fine Art at Wimbledon School of Art, where she was awarded a postgraduate year in printmaking and The Robson Prize for best figurative painting. Among her tutors were Maggie Hamblyn, Frank Auerbach and Prunella Clough. Maureen lives in London, and her local city as well as landscapes from travels abroad are the inspiration behind her work.

Maureen is a member of Southbank Printmakers Gallery and is a committee member of the National Society of Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers. Her work is represented in private and public collections in the UK and abroad. Maureen has exhibited widely, including at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, New English Arts Society Open, Originals at the Mall Galleries, and the annual watercolours exhibition at the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers.

Venetian Bronze Horses by Maureen Sweeney is also available to purchase online on the Watts Shop. Click here to browse.

Lucy Ward

Lucy Ward creates atmospheric prints of landscapes and the natural world and is drawn to dramatic lighting and strong contrasts in her work. She is fascinated by the way changes in time, light or weather can cause the familiar to shift. Her drawings convey the character and behaviour of the creatures she depicts, recording her experience of that interaction and exploring ideas of watching and being watched.

Lucy says, 'one of my favourite techniques is aquatint, a variant of etching, which involves melting rosin dust on to a metal plate to create tiny dots that resist acid. The shade of the tone created depends how long that area of the plate is exposed to the acid, creating a textured surface that, when inked and pressed into to damp paper with an etching press, will print as a rich mark similar to watercolour'.

Hidden Path by Lucy Ward is also available to purchase online on the Watts Shop. Click here to browse.

Peter Wareham

Peter Wareham works mainly in etching and linocut and always begins with drawing. Describing his work he says, 'I try to extract the drama from scenes in landscapes, cityscapes or in the interaction between figures and try to express the decorative that I find in still life objects. Etching brings a particular sharpness and unique quality that allows me to achieve this'.

Peter lives in London and works from the Artichoke Print Studio in South London. He has exhibited at the Southbank Printmakers Gallery, Affordable Art Fair, the Mall Galleries, Oxo Gallery and the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Sue Whitmore

Sue Whitmore studied Fine Art at the Central, Wimbledon and Sir John Cass Schools of Art. Sue works largely in the English landscape tradition and 'with a mild obsession with trees!'. She also works from the human figure and imagination.

Sue's prints explore light and dark, frequently through the medium of black and white drawing, etching and linocut. Avoiding the whimsical, she is occasionally diverted into the surreal and witty, and continues a lifelong pairing of poems and prints in her work. Sue has spent many years drawing and teaching abroad. Recent inspiration in her printmaking has been from trips to Dumfries, Antrim and Fermanagh, where she keeps out of the rain in her campervan.

Sue has work is in many private collections in the UK and abroad and she has exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. She works in her own studio and at the London Print Studio in Westminster and is the Chair of Greenwich Printmakers.