#ContemporaryArtMonday: My Favourite Artwork: Diana Croft

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Posted 5th February 2018

Town and Country, Reduction Linocut
Diana Croft

The print Town and Country is a stylised depiction of my home town of Dorking. The cockerel on the roundabout is visible from my house - I have tried to make him into a grander cockerel as I think the actual sculpture looks more like a chicken.

The road snakes away past the 'stepping stones' (depicted just above the cockerel) a local beauty spot where you can cross the river Mole when the water is low.

On the right of the picture is Box Hill with the zig zag road climbing to the summit - on the left is Denbies vineyard with the vines forming the striped patterns on the hillside. Just below is the town of Dorking with a glimpse of St Martin's Church and the distinctive oast house-shaped council office buildings on the edge of town.

I have shown the scene with no traffic or cyclists - so it is a fantasy of peace and calm; I have a dream of living away from the noise of traffic.

The work is a reduction linocut which means that all the different colours are printed from the same lino block. The printing areas are progressively cut away so that by the time the last colour is printed most of the image has been destroyed.

Reduction linocuts are usually produced in small editions as you have to start by printing the number of prints you want to end up with and cannot go back and print extra copies once the block has been cut away.

Diana Croft