Mary Watts Diary: Friday, December 25: Peace & goodwill morning

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Posted 25th December 2018

Extract from the Mary Watts Diaries - Friday, December 25 1891

'Peace & goodwill morning.'

'On our breakfast table were a number of little presents, a pot of blackberry jam from Mrs Andrews, a carved clock case, & a little basket with ingenious little birds on it, from his clever hand, my bag from Ethel, an old horse- shoe from Maud & Signor. He was pleased with the new binding on our Praeterita, & a little Morte d'Arthur, my present to him. The Crown of Wild Olives he gives me. My dearest ones, Choons & Ethel do not forget me, books & a sumptuous bag. Signor & I paid a visit to the Room, cards & holly all along the mantelpiece, & our nice little household shaking hands with Signor, & very proud of their room. Later the Andrews' dined, & spent the rest of the day helping to keep the day merrily. After Church, May & Andrew. Signor & I returned the call after luncheon, the dear people walking back with us. Our happy day ended with Snapdragon*!'.


Snapdragon- a parlour game. Heated brandy was poured into a shallow heated bowl. Raisins were tipped in, and the brandy set alight. The game was to snatch the raisins out and eat them without burning oneself too badly!

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